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Yesterday, 03:50 PM

Re: Post your daily exercise routine

Sometimes I think we must look like the old Grail Knight in Indiana Jones, hobbling about and struggling for speed, yet determined and faithful to the cause.

You soldiered on very well, OGF, I am not sure that I could do six quite yet. To avoid the direct sun in the 85% humidity and take advantage of the sea breezes, I went to the beach park to run. Clipping along at a good pace, I didn't like my form in the shadow that was accompanying me, so I was concentrating on my back when I came alongside an older woman with two young grandchildren who appeared to be working on her gas cap. Thinking she had run out of fuel, I asked her if she was ok, and she told me that she had locked her keys and phone in her car.

The park is attended by a single national park ranger who locks the entrance gate fifteen minutes after sunset and leaves for the night. With two miles left in my run, I told her I would try to catch the ranger, but that she should try to flag someone else down who might be leaving by car. I did ask one young couple heading towards the gate in their truck to tell the ranger as they left the park.

In a race against time, I gave it all I had, and raced to the entrance. Huffing and puffing, drenched in perspiration, and not all that sure I wouldn't need a paramedic , I reached the station just as the ranger was lowering the flag. The gates were locked and he was on his way home. The young couple had not informed him about the woman in trouble. Grrrr.

Surprisingly, he started shaking his head and said that there was nothing he could do other than give us a number, but that roadside assistance could walk the two miles to assist her. I asked if he could remain to let the worker inside the park...but he declined!!! Furious (but not making a issue of it since I was more focused on the problem), I ran the half mile back to my car, took the phone to the woman, and we called for assistance. I then left the park and returned with two bikes - one for me and one for the roadside guy so we could navigate around the gates and pedal our way back to the woman.

In all this time, trucks and cars had passed this woman and no one every stopped to help while I was out trying to solve the problem. It was growing darker, and there she was with two small children alone except for a few straggling fishermen who were slow in packing their poles and tackle.

The roadside assistance worker finally showed and between the lights on the bike and the bright quarter moon overhead, we were able to reach the car in a few minutes and he was able to pop the locks within a minute. He laughed that he had never had to ride a bike in a rescue before. It really was an unusual picture, I suppose .

I was more than happy to help having been in a similar situation a couple of times in my life, and I have my reasons to suspect why people drove by them in the twilight without helping, but isn't the reason we live in civilization is to help out one another? Especially women and children?

And what about the ranger? If he is only there to take money and hand out phone numbers in (relative) emergencies? Then isn't he dooming his own job?

Questions, questions, but it was a good run and I made some new friends. Not bad for an otherwise slow Saturday evening.
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