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18-05-2018, 08:10 AM

poemrude to get share of 10 million payout

poemrude to get share of 10 million payout 18.05.18
for those unaware
and don't have a clue
this 10 million is mine to share
subtracting was poemroo.
every single hour
delivered to the door
poetry on love hate or sour
after payment you are free to read and score.
the risk was not considered
that's why these shares are oriental like cumin
to the high court this is delivered
how dare they treat me sub human.
we carried this empire
to success was delivery
rain or snow had to change tire
top dogs had gold and we got copper and silvery.
things are going to alter
besure of this i conclude
now as transparent as water
no links on paper are poemrude.

for those in doubt that i started poemroo the proof is in the poem i mean pudding.

daniel astaire takes on deliveroo and finished poemroo - metro news 13.12.17

i am a entrepreneur
the genius in me is rare
all the wealth is now a blur
this poem blames daniel astaire.
i do operate in westminister
the rich are very cunning
all suited and booted covering sinister
i have delivered vile poems that are stunning.
deliveroo was my inspiriation
now its my rival
they are causing ear drum penetration
off goes my engine of road arrival.
it is anti social
nandos first to feel the hammer
but not feeling emotional
one down equals more bad spelling and gramma.
may i take this opertunity
use my app and poem gannet
the small print is my immunity
poemroo is free to all on the plannet.

if one person has stuck by me and my poetry through thick and thin it is my sweetie so when I get 10 million I will ofcourse give 5 million to you sweetie.
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18-05-2018, 11:36 PM

Re: poemrude to get share of 10 million payout

Of course, I have stuck by you oldfool
You were going to leave us, and that's not cool
You post a poem every day, I like to come along and play
We have some fun and that's is all I have to say

You also relate the news, in a way that can confuse
But for me, it is a statement in a way that does amuse x
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