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26-03-2018, 06:18 AM

Re: Anyone thought about emigrating elsewhere?

Originally Posted by Flowerpower ->
My husbands family were all due to emigrate to New Zealand when he was small but his mother backed out at the last minute. They had their tickets and everything. His Dad was furious as his best mate and family were going at the same time.

His Dad regretted it until the day he died (and he was only 62) and every time he and his wife had a row this would be dragged up and some furious rows resulted.

His mate and family settled down there and did really well and used to send photos of their new life but my FIL would never go and visit because he was sad at what he had missed out on.
About a year ago I went to BBQ in a nearby park with a friend and their family (grandkids etc) they had visitors from England (Birmingham or Durham I think) who had originally come out to Australia with them over 30 years ago.

After the minimum two years (for an assisted passage) this family had returned to England because the husband hadn't been able to settle down here whereas my friends had stayed and brought up their family here.

We were all talking when the husband said something along the lines of, "This is a really beautiful spot look at how much fun the kids are having." The wife said very bitterly, "Yes, and our kids had the chance of having this and you took it from them."

These sort of resentments run very deep.
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