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Today, 04:40 AM

Re: Post your daily exercise routine

Nothing like starting a holiday with the workout of your life, Floydy! That was a long list of exercises you did with what sounds to me like heavy ( you would probably say moderate) weights with a lot of reps. I would have been numb and dragging my knuckles on the ground after that much arm work, Floydy! What will you do on your break to keep up your fitness? It's always so good to hear when forum members have been out having a well-deserved good time and even better when the weather cooperates.

OGF! What a joy it was to open this thread and find that you had been exercising! What did you think of that strange place where the air moves, green things grow everywhere, and a warming bright orb hangs above your head? If you aren't sure, allow me to introduce you to "Outdoors". I think you will enjoy each other immensely. .

It does become something we need, this getting outside. I think our minds and bodies respond to it, raining all those happy chemicals into our brains. Having taken a hiatus after knee surgery years ago, going cold turkey (or tofu, as the case may be) on my running was like withdrawal - affecting my sleep patterns, eating, and general sense of well-being. I often refer to doing something outdoors as my "drug of choice." An inexpensive one too, I might add.

What a day here! Between the approaching storm system, and trying to get out of town before the winds pick up tomorrow has had me running around all day cleaning with one hand and tossing things into suitcases with another. That said, I was able to put in a speedy little four miler before getting organized.

While I am not much of a worrier, this is my true confession: I admit to this strange anxiety just prior to a vacation that I am going to leave my running shoes behind. It would be a crisis of the first order.

Looking forward to theses volunteering efforts that there will be plenty of opportunities for hiking, surfing, and running volcanic fields (dormant). There's nothing like the incline a volcanic ridge for the hill work that I have been craving for so long. It should be less humid, so the excuses will be nil.

Now my problem is that I have to avoid all those coconut drinks and beans, because of Floydy's reports of dehydration and other problems....

What is a woman to do?

(Must pack shoes, must pack shoes, must pack....)
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Today, 10:33 AM

Re: Post your daily exercise routine

How do you know when you're getting old?
Because some young 'Whippersnapper' thinks they can teach their grandmother (or grandfather) how to suck eggs....

AND....because the old geezer keeps referring back to times gone by (the 'Good' old days) So for the second part of the exercise......

When I was an engineer.....bla bla bla....stuck inside a factory for eight or ten hours a day, longingly gazing out of the window or big roly door, wishing I was out there..

The weekend came and I was like a coiled spring and couldn't wait to motor off to some wild and remote part of the country to run, walk or cycle until the sun set......and sometimes beyond..... There was no going back for me, so when I was made redundant I became a courier and travelled the world....New York, Paris, Rome and Yorkshire......Mainly Yorkshire though.... And apart from the parcels, my running kit was a permanent fixture in my van....They even had their own shelf!..

After that I took a job with 'Royal Mail' and delivered the post, trudging the streets of Ackworth and Featherstone, wondering why I had not done this earlier in my career.....

So thank you Surfermom, for bringing to my attention the wonders that lay outside my door, you cheeky mare......

Floydy... What a mammoth workout, but while I'm in a sort of reflective mood, I might be able to throw some light on your superhuman effort.
I attended my Mum's retirement party some years ago, and because I was nominated as the driver I was destined for an evening of drinking Coca Cola. I must have downed about the same amount as you (your two pints of Orange Squash) and you would have received a similar amount of sugar.

Next morning was Sunday, and a scheduled long run of fifteen miles. Well I ran out of my socks.... and set a personal best for that course which still stands to this day...I repeated the coke trick many times after that, all with similar results, and set some very good times for the marathon and half marathon.

The big breakfast would have also played its part. Strange how foods, and combinations of foods can produce amazing results. The fats in the big breakfast would have prevented the sugars in the squash from transferring directly into your bloodstream and thereby producing a more longer lasting energy release....
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