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13-07-2017, 10:39 PM

Re: Protect or not (no claims discount)

Originally Posted by Julie1962 ->
If it's a waste of money so be it, it just made me so happy to get my own no claims I can't take a risk with it.
Yes sorry to say Julie you were conned using the same old business tactic the "Campaign Of Fear". The fear of losing your No Claims Discount.

It's a lie. A total scam.

If you have an accident/claim then that goes on your record for at least 5 years. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It is registered on central databases which all insurance companies have access to.

Your insurance company will pretend that you still have "No Claims" while ever you stay with them but it is just that, a pretence. They will load your premium when you come to renew the policy. If you try to go elsewhere then you'll get high quotes because of your accident/claim.

It is utterly pointless paying for Protected No Claims.

The money would be better put towards buying a good Dashcam so that if you do have an accident you have concrete proof of what happened.
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13-07-2017, 11:32 PM

Re: Protect or not (no claims discount)

Originally Posted by Longdogs ->
Interesting question Caricature.

I have always paid a bit extra for NCP and overall, I think it has been worth it. One particular year, I had to make three claims but my premium only increased slightly (that was described as rising costs). However, one insurance broker I was with told me that NCP did not mean that the premium would not rise. I argued this out with them and eventually went elsewhere. I always thought that NCP meant exactly that so I would be interested to know if anyone knows for definite.
I have the same protection (it's built into the insurance) but have only made one claim in one year and the premium didn't rise the next year. Perhaps the rise was just a general insurance rise?

Mileage travelled per year affects the premium and the age of driver affects the excess if you make a claim but here you insure the car not the driver. I also have windscreen insurance included so that replacing the windscreen doesn't affect the premium (the screen is looking like it needs changing soon - so many chips)
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17-02-2018, 06:13 AM

Re: Protect or not (no claims discount)

The company cannot raise the premium unknowingly, if you claim for an accident, then there may be a small increase in the premium for the next time. My friend faced a similar problem with his motorcycle insurance, he took the [Link removed] from experts to resolve the issue, the terms and conditions of the car and motorcycle insurance are almost same. I agree with Bruce, the age of the driver and the age of your vehicle makes a difference in the premium amount and claim settlement.
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