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18-04-2018, 09:13 PM

Re: Hair!!!

Originally Posted by Leia ->
Thank you Bratti for making the thread for Blue. It's heartwarming to see how many forum members wish her well.

Get better soon Blue x
Sorry I missed this.
It was the least I could do for our blue. Hope she comes back soon.

Originally Posted by Beautiful Filly ->
Hi Bratti...Blue and I met many, many years ago on a Canadian forum...that has long since become defunct. I cannot name that forum as it is against the rules of this one.

We hit it off immediately and have remained steadfast friends ever since...

The very first time that Blue and I met in person...she had reddish hair and it was short...

So, today I am noticing just how long my hair has managed to grow over the last year...and I have it in a ponytail at the moment...

Take care everyone...
Thatís such a cute story. It just goes to show that people can actually meet on a message forum and have lasting friendships. Thatís beautiful. Iíve kind of found a new place to hang out too.

I take it you had short hair when you met also. Yours does look quite long. I personally love long hair thatís well cared for.
Thanks for the info Filly.

Originally Posted by Leia ->
How is Blue now, do you know Filly? Please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Me too.
Originally Posted by Beautiful Filly ->
Hi Leia...yesterday and today have been busy days for Blue, with doctor Appts. But, I am hoping to hear from her later this evening...

I shall certainly pass on your best wishes to Blue, for a speedy recovery...
I can appreciate why most doctors only do one eye at a time. Oddly enough I have a friend who lives out east who got both eyes done at the same time but he did have a 90% improvement in both eyes. Itís anazing what they can do these days.

Well Filly thanks for the update. Please keep us informed.
Tell Blue Iím EXPECTING Blue hair when I see her.

Are you ladies getting tired of this cold wet stuff yet?
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