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18-06-2017, 06:44 PM

is highgate suffering global warming ? ( photographic evidence)

is highgate suffering global warming ? ( photographic evidence) 18.06.17

cards are on the table
sorry for the bad press
in no way is this a pretty woman label
richard gere is round here i guess.
had to get evidence
out came the phone
2 assets defiantly had precedence
one lucky man was as stiff as a bone.
do we in highgate expect
or is it to crude
do we need to pull together and reject
with photo evidence lets be shrewd.
can you identify
useful would be a name
don't worry no need to testify
when i publish its all about the shame.
uploaded to the internet
we will eventually get a grass
hold on i am starting to regret
rewinding and i remember picking up a brass.

this is the evidence and i got this photo this very morning - and for readers that are to young to no the film pretty woman here is a link for you - and lastly if this is your dress - thank you for the inspiration for my poem today and can i recommend you use one of these in the future as we in highgate are a private community and dislike anyone that does publish or flaunt? may i suggest you consider buying one of there and i can personally recommend JL
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