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About me

I suppose I should tell what I am about.
I retired after 47 years as a licensed London taxi proprietor/driver.
Married for 52 years, but my wife is disabled and I am her carer.
7 years ago I beat prostrate cancer and all PSA counts are now zero.
I do like to cycle when I can and still own 4 bicycles. But a damaged knee at times does stop me.
My other hobbies are lots of reading with kindle ebook readers and a source of 'free' books.
I also build and fly model aircraft as I have been grounded for some time from the real thing.
I do get to do daily walks or dragged out with our Jack Russell dog.

My Interests

Photography, building and flying model aircraft. Reading, but mostly ebooks on my Kindle.
I also like messing about with a soldering iron and finding things to repair (if I can).

Name: Malcolm
Male or Female: Male
Your occupation: Retired
Marital Status: Single
Children / Grandchildren: 1 Son 1 Daughter 3 Grandchildren
Drives: Renault Kangoo.


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My album

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My toys.

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