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Lion Queen
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09-06-2019, 11:12 PM

Re: My Saving Mission

Originally Posted by swimfeeders ->

Well done LQ.

I did the Sunday Market this morning.

The greengrocer does bowls of stuff at 1 each.
5 avocados, 16 bananas, 3 cucumbers, a kilo of baby tomatoes and 4 bunches of spring onion cost me 5.

We have a huge slaughterhouse and meat packing plant right next to it.

They have mega supermarket contracts, the weather has changed gone cold and wet so the supermarkets have not taken the barbecue stuff.

You have to take pot luck on what they are selling.

Sirloin Steaks were 5 for 10 today, whole fillet steaks, shop price 30 a kilo, were 10 a kilo.

Chicken skewers with onions, peppers were 1 each, or 6 for 5.

It is not rubbish either, they supply Marks, Waitrose etc.

They have a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating.

Good Luck with your new system.
Hey Swimmy, sounds like you got some right bargains today. Glad to hear it.

Thanks for the Good luck, I was too busy having a good time with my friend who bought me a ticket to see Aladdin for my belated birthday gift today to even think about saving, tmorrow I'm back at it.

Night Godbless x
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10-06-2019, 03:54 AM

Re: My Saving Mission

Most of my current Christmas decorations, lights etc come from lurking in Big W department store at about 4pm on Christmas Eve and following the girl as she marks down all the Christmas stuff by 80%.
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