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07-02-2021, 02:20 PM

Re: Not Tight

We don't live in a modern house so haven't updated heating system. It works well enough for us. We're well hard!
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07-02-2021, 03:52 PM

Re: Not Tight

Originally Posted by spitfire ->
Never use the Timer Tregonsee, we aren't here most of the time, that's why something like a Hive would be useless, if its cold when we come in, we put the Gas Fire on and the heating, then turn the fire off after a quarter hour or so
'Ere Spitty, have you been visited by three ghosts yet?

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07-02-2021, 06:00 PM

Re: Not Tight

Originally Posted by spitfire ->
Being an early riser, never think to put Central Heating on before the rest of the family awaken. At 5.30am this morning, got up put trousers on, tee shirt, zip up cardie, woolly hat, lightweight jacket, trainers, and off we go, telly on, and puter.
This is not a financially motived (or Green) decision, its just a habit, but must be saving a few quid, and indirectly helping the planet.

Try it it yourselves.
I prefer comfort from the moment I leave my bed to start my day off with a prebreakfast shower. Our heating goes to night setback at 10pm so that it has started to cool off by around midnight bedtime. The switch to full heating mode is taken care of by optimum start control and very efficient it is too. I could explain how it works, but that link should give you an idea of it's control :thumbup:
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