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27-06-2021, 11:09 AM

Netflix tokyo trial

I just watched the mini-series "TOKYO TRIAL". It is supposed to be about the trial of war criminals following the surrender of Japan in 1945.
However, this mini-series, produced by NHK, (Japan Broadcasting), is more of an attempt to whitewash the crimes of Japan during the war. The basic thrust of the film is that the Allies had no right to put anyone on trial. The film makes it look like the trials were illegal. Moreover, they hardly mention the monstrous crimes committed by Japans military during the war. No mention of the Rape of Nanking where tens of thousands of civilians were executed. No mention of the brutal treatment of prisoners of war. no mention of the tens of thousands of women who were forced into sexual slavery. No mention of the concentration camps where untold thousands of Chinese were subjected to horrendous chemical/biological experiments.

Some readers may recall that Japan has never, apologized for it's war crimes. And, still to this day, it is not mentioned in Japans school system. BUT, they certainly teach all about the bombing of Japan, both 'normal' bombing and atomic bombing.
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30-06-2021, 01:18 AM

Re: Netflix tokyo trial

Watched about 2.5 episodes before falling asleep.

Seems a bit of a wasted opportunity with a weak script so far, but I'll watch the rest of it in due course to see if it livens up.

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