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24-01-2019, 12:47 AM

Re: Cancer? 3 important things to combat it

Originally Posted by Realist ->
Hi Mart

I've read a few sources which suggest that you need to mix Turmeric with honey in order for it to be absorbed through the intestinal tract. I don't know whether that it true or not.
I like honey well enough but don't often eat it on its own. Maybe I could add it to the gravy or sauce. It could make for an interesting flavour.
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24-01-2019, 04:45 PM

Re: Cancer? 3 important things to combat it

Originally Posted by mart ->
What ..and break the mould?

Nice one Mart, we will see you "Morph" into a joker yet.
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06-08-2019, 03:49 PM

Re: Cancer? 3 important things to combat it

I spotted an article yesterday think it was on a online newspaper site saying they had shown that a vegan diet prevented cancer, something in meats (not just sodium nitrates in processed meats it was called something else) and dairy products.

I tried to go vegan before but having a nut allergy made it really difficult to find a nut free alternative milk and yoghurts as almond is often something they use and all milks made in the same machine so they all carry the warning.

Of course thats not in an issue in normal dairy milk or yoghurt & cheeses and although they have animal fats in they don't tend to have a long list of additives like the vegan alternatives have.

I think dairy milk would be also higher in calcium which would prevent osteoporosis as I'd imagine cancer treatments would weaken the bones as well as wipe out the immune system.

Another thing..may help in prevention or stripping a small tumour before it got big? .. I've been taking an enzyme that strips fibrin from fibroids (basically non cancerous tumours) The enzyme strips the fibrin from the outside then a high dose turmeric capsule attacks whats left. My fibroid went from the size of a small apple to dissolved and is no longer there (several other smaller ones that were there before dissolved)

Whilst I was on that treatment I had an incident with a severe allergic reaction in one of my legs and it swelled up to double the size. I had circulation problems, got one of those revitive things and could barely feel it on that leg (set at 99) whilst on the other leg it was obviously too strong.

The leg went down to the point it went down overnight but came up again in daytime once i got out of bed and moving around, it also went bigger at my monthly cycle (with the extra water) and when we have heatwaves.

I kept taking the enzymes and turmeric for the fibroids and also some supplements for circulation and the leg has recovered completely. I can now go on the revitive and feel it the same on both legs, my circulation improved and the clot has gone.

so I continue to take them in the hope that if there was something developing inside they would also be working on them. I've passed all health checks, no lumps or cancer anywhere I don't know if it's because of the enzymes but I'll keep taking them and the other supplements in the hope that they're keeping anything nasty at bay.

I think Rutin 6 was also used in an official study (china or somewhere like that?) on brain cancer patients unable to have surgery due to location of tumour and they had success with it shrinking tumours too.
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