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15-05-2020, 04:16 PM

Re: Didn't he do well!

Originally Posted by keezoy ->
I love formula 1 and I have been twice. Once in Adelaide and once in Melbourne. Despite the modern safety standards those drivers still put the lives on the line every time they race..or practice for that matter. But they are superstars as much as the Rolling Stones, Springsteen or Brad Pitt. They deserve to be paid well. BUT!'s the sheer amount they get that galls me. Same with the tennis, football, baseball and basketball players. Sure they are amazing at what they do and make a lot of people money but nobody is worth what some of them get. And that includes the movie stars. And the real obscene bit is the way they don't pay tax on it. If you earn money in a country you pay tax in that country. THat's my belief.
I used to be hooked on it too and went to the Sepang track in KL to watch it one Sunday when I was working over there (it was something to do other than sit by the hotel pool ). What a waste of time and money. I was so bored by it. You can see more of the race by watching it on TV if you ask me. In any case, since all the "safety measures" like the "halo" have come in I've completely lost interest in the sport.
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