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02-07-2018, 08:06 PM

One lesson that we learn in life

One lesson that we learn in life is that if you make a good, reasoned decision then you should stick to it. But, we also learn that if circumstances change then we should review and question our decisions and consider changing them. We can make analogies with two tragic disasters: the Piper Alpha oil platform disaster in 1988, and the Grenfell Tower disaster last year. In both cases the official advice turned out to be misguided, under the circumstances.
This logic could also be applied to Brexit. Have circumstances shifted such that we should reconsider our choice? A useful analogy is a group of 100 individuals making their way through a forest, and a few suggest an alternative path. The choice is not clear, so, after various arguments are put forward, a vote is taken and the alternative path is selected by a majority of 52 to 48, and all 100 proceed along the new path. Time passes and the going gets tough. Moreover, some of the original group have died and been replaced by younger individuals; in the original vote the younger members were predominantly in favour of the original path. Under these circumstances would we no reappraise the situation and consider another vote?
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