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The Maters' Series- Three Fiction Novels

The Mater's Series
Three works of fiction.

I'd like to share my favorite female mavericks with you, ones who refused to conform to rules that don't suit them. These women are loosely based on my female ancestors. Theirs are the shoulders upon which I stand.

Tater's Maters of Hootenanny Flats - Book 1

In the back hills of Camas Valley four antique women of independent minds and the dog who secretly guides them, make moonshine, grow pot, avoid the revenuers and plan their biggest undertaking, which extends far beyond anything they have ever known, an earth revival project. Follow these mavericks as they defy all standing in their way.

Present day, in the back hills near Camas Valley, Oregon, Ida and three ancient female friends gear up for their last mission. Ida makes and sells moonshine. Always on the lookout for revenuers, the ATF, she lives with her dog, Tater, and cat, Poseidon, both questionably alive. Renie grows and sells pot. She has a glass eye and follows the antics of banshees. She lives with her dog and ducks, and she takes a lover. Ora rescues abused animals and doesn't realize she has leprechauns in her attic. Her sister, Maribell, operated a brothel. Maribell was committed to a nursing home against her will. The other women bust her out to help with the plan. Lottie counsels thickheaded locals, trying to teach them her Lemmings Anonymous Creed. When anyone close to Lottie dies, a great one like Jesus, Buddha, White Buffalo Woman, appears. Lottie becomes suspicious when they start showing up regularly.

Friends since horse-and-buggy days, the women made a solemn oath that none of them would pass on without the others. Ida finds herself dead first, but she refuses to stay dead. Thus begins the adventure.

Note: My grand aunt Lottie, aunt Ida and grandma Renie inspired this series. My dad's family did make moonshine in the back hills of Oregon.

Resurrection Rose - Book 2

What if you had the ability to paint people back to life? Would you do it? What if you didn't know you had the ability until they started showing up? That is Bethanie's dilemma.

Bethanie, a portrait artist, paints people back to life. Tackling the resulting fiascos, she runs into her former lover, Gabe, and resurrects their once forbidden love...along with his deceased grandfather. She is propelled into a world peopled with nosy, old dead women (Tater's Maters) who are on a mission to help her whether she likes it or not.

Final Entry - Book 3

Final Entry unearths the dilemma of a woman, who upon passing into the afterlife must choose between four of her lovers, all of whom expect to spend the rest of forever exclusively with her.

At the end of a long life Savannah Thrush enters The Great In-between to discover not only is there still sex, but it's the hottest and most tender she's ever experienced. It is not with just one past lover, but all her greatest loves. During her Earth life she was true to each one. Each died before she did. In the afterlife her relationships with them are at times simultaneous. Time misbehaves in that reality. Therein lies the crux. Her intimate reunions are fraught with moral dilemmas, physical improbabilities and decisions she has no idea how to make. With the guidance of Tater's Maters, her goofy, self-appointed angels including a deceased madame, she becomes even more conflicted prompting her to sort reality as it applies to her.

All books are available at Smashwords as well as other vendors with the exception of Amazon. I paint and create my own cover art.
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