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28-07-2021, 05:59 PM

4K or 1080p monitor and shooting in 4K

Having used a 27 " monitor in 1080p and exactly the same make and size but in 4K have I noticed any difference?

Actually yes which suprised me. although the print is smaller it is clearer with the 4K monitor to start with.

Then I did a freeze frame of the same video taken with the same camcorder at the same time as it has duel recording

putting the 1080 side by side with the 4k on the same monitor at first i didn't see any difference. However when blowing up both by the same amount the 4K was definately sharper.

yes you can still see 1080p as is on a 4K monitor incase one

So why get a 4K monitor? it is all to do with any need to edit

No way could I have posted that butterfly head shown on another thread in 1080p

So for me the way to go is shoot in 4k with 1080p as a backup mainly with video

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