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08-09-2018, 01:04 AM

Re: Bob's Bits.

Originally Posted by OldGreyFox ->
Good morning Arty, it's good to see you here, I was thinking about renaming 'Bob's Bits' to the 'Marie Celeste'....Not many visitors this year....Whatever...
The cake was delicious Arty, I'm quite partial to a wedge of Victoria Sponge and a cup of tea...And yes, the kitchen is still in pristine condition as can be seen in this photograph I've just taken following my breakfast.

Mrs Fox has had to house sit this morning at her deceased father's old flat, just some final stuff to do before the new owners move in...So I'm in charge of the kitchen, that's why it looks so tidy... How are you keeping? I've not read much of you just lately except the topic you started recently. I always look forward to reading and commenting on your threads.... Keep up the good work Arty, I'm off for a look round the forum now and see what mischief I can get into........
Foxy, Thank You for your lovely words, you are always so nice!

Gosh, that is a very tidy kitchen! Where is the toaster, the kettle, the weighing scales, the microwave, the halogen oven, all the things that are cluttering my worktops!

Have you got granite worktops? I could have had granite worktops at the time but l thought l wouldn’t appreciate them, so l just had ordinary ones! My big regret!
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08-09-2018, 10:14 AM

Re: Bob's Bits.

Thanks Arty, if only Mrs Fox shared your enthusiasm......

I like to keep life simple Arty, and it starts in the kitchen, no Microwave or Dishwasher, toast is done under the grill of a standard gas oven, weighing scales are those that pack away in a little plastic container and are mechanical ones. Can't have the batteries running out while I'm weighing out my porridge in the mornings..... We do have an overworked kettle though, and I can guarantee a tasty steaming cup of Yorkshire Tea should you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods..... Bring your own biscuits though, we don't have any in the house. (Got to look after my figure....)

The worktops are 'Composite' Arty, apparently they are more durable than Granite. That's what the bloke in the shop told us!...
A mixture of various bits of rock, Granite, Quartz and some other bits that I couldn't spell. They are ground up into little bits and then compressed together, it makes a very nice pattern......However! They are always cold, and are prone to damage if you drop anything on them......

We're off to do the weekend shopping now, and then drive to a Garden Centre for our lunch. We had hoped to visit one at Bridlington and then go for a walk along the seafront, but the weather seems to be a bit naff, so maybe just the lunch then....
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