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15-09-2019, 10:13 AM

Re: Hospital acquired Infections

Originally Posted by Artangel ->
Mups, Do you really think they would put MRSA on a death certificate? No they wouldn’t, as then they would be held responsible and probably sued.
They put kidney failure and something else on both death certificates.

I didn’t pursue it on either occasion. You are up against a huge organisation and would have to endure a process that could take years and years.
My friends children would not take the death certificate until they knew what was written on it, the nurse could not tell them so the demanded to speak to the registrar after two days of fighting they got to see him he told them what was on it and they said we want a private post post mortem, that how they found out the truth. They did not want money just the truth. At the inquest it was said it was neglect. My friend died New Year’s Day. It was all over by the June. Yes it was stressful for the children and us they used to come ever week to keep us updated. But if I believe they have not put the truth then I would get it put right. So wrong they get away with it. Sad thing is her daughter never go over her mothers death she took her own life 2 years later. Broke our hearts.
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