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09-03-2019, 01:16 PM

Re: Weight Watchers Profits Plummet

Originally Posted by marmaduke ->
What exactly happens at a slimming club class ? They all sit in a restaurant and order nothing I presume ?

Surely dieting is a simple process of measuring both ‘holes’ and accepting one is far larger than the other and not to treat them both the same therefore limit the amount going into at least one of them .... simple
I can talk about weight watchers as I attended for a few months back in the 90's and as far as Im aware they still use the same format

Meetings are held in public halls, such as a church hall. You pay your subs and you get weighed. Now there is no need for anyone other then you and the group leader to know what you weigh, or how much you have lost or have gained. Its not discussed publicly without your express permission

Once everyone is in and weighed there is usually a 30 minute group discussion about all aspects of slimming/healthy eating and people who have had a problem with either gaining or plateauing may say where they struggle and ask for advice from others who have been there and found a solution that worked for them. A good group is one where everyone is supportive of each other

WW work on a point system, with a unit of food being given points. You are given a target of points to reach and not exceed. Obviously fruit and veg are zero points where as a fish supper from the chippy may be as much as 20 points ( don't take that as gospel, its been a long time ). So if your point allowance is 23 per a day, once you have that fish supper, there's very few points left so you either have to get of your backside and exercise to "earn points" ( 10 mins skipping, 30 mins walk etc )or stick to the zero points foods

The higher the carb content and saturated fat content the higher the points so you do learn to keep away from those foods as much as possible and to learn what a portion size really is

I done really well on it and kept the weight off for 12 years, it only going back on slowly when certain things happened in my life, I'm still not as large as I was back then but I could do with a stone loss. I found it really easy to do, I struggled at first to get my points total but after a couple of weeks tracking what was going in my mouth I had it down to a tee. I still went out and ate Indian meals and Chinese , but chose better options

There was never any hard sell for their products in the class I went to, I know other classes did but there really was no need to buy yet another cookbook , you just had to learn. how to point up a dish

Most of the things I learned were easy lifestyle changes which weren't a big deal, such as not using a spread in a sloppy sandwich ( no need ), butter or jam on the toast - not both, keeping the carbs down, filling up on veg and protein

I found going to the classes really helped me. It gave me a night out from the kitchen, I made some new friends and it was easier feeling that you were part of something rather then feel you were going it alone
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