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06-05-2019, 11:08 AM

Re: First ever photo of a Black Hole!

Originally Posted by Donkeyman ->
The grey sphere is the hole is it OGF?
Looks to be a very regular shape to me? but when you
thnk about it, l suppose it would be if it was formed by
I have a question for you though, l used to look at the
southern hemisphere skies and l observed( by eye and by
binoculars ) patches of sky that were blacker and contained
no stars at all, in an otherwise star studded area of sky!
My question is, what are these barren patches of sky?
My second question is, are they what is called black

Best Regards Donkeyman!
I appreciate your question donkeyman but there are posters on here far more qualified than me to answer your query....

My universe only stretches as far as the places I have lived and visited, for a more detailed explanation I can do one of two things:-
(1) I can direct you to the many articles produced on the internet, in books, and of course the BBC/NASA and make your own conclusions....Or
(2) Offer my own opinion based on the above sources and a very active imagination....
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06-05-2019, 02:39 PM

Re: First ever photo of a Black Hole!

Looks like we are at similar levels of comprehension then
Im afraid l refuse to use google, l think my brain needs all
the exercise it can get!
I do have few books l can read, if l can find them in the
garage! But it is good fun to fantasise and that is probably
as good as anything else!

Best Regards Donkeyman!
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07-05-2019, 04:31 AM

Re: First ever photo of a Black Hole!

Realist, I totally agree with you about the colors. Coloration is typically based on compounds found on spectrometry results of the objects being observed, and then the software imposes the colors of similar compounds that we see here on Earth producing the images that we are shown.

You have hit on one of the fundamental problems of understanding the universe; there is too much unaccounted for. Too much what? Antimatter? Matter? Energy? Something else?

One of the things that I should add about the bread metaphor is that there is a myth that in some distant time, the skies would grow dark. That's not the case. Most of the galaxies are moving father apart, not the objects within the universe. One of these days, the Andromeda galaxy will merge with ours. Now that would be stunning!

I don't think anything bleak about the future of the universe at all! It's probably just a big recycling machine. It's just a little lonely out here, being new on the scene and all.
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