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10-08-2018, 12:11 PM

Re: eczema - anyone come across this treatement?

Originally Posted by CeeCee ->
Hardly sensible in tiny babies, even the bottles warn of keep away from children. My daughter was nine months old and covered in infantile eczema. My grandson was only a few weeks old when he developed it. My cousin whom I mentioned in the earlier post was six months old when he died.

One does not take chances with quack medications when dealing with babies.
GSE is not a quack medicine. It is a simple product of Nature, a grapefruit, it's essence distilled and condensed. That you refer to it as quack and a medicine shows you have no idea about it.

It's entirely fine for babies and pregnant mothers. As with all things, one simply adjusts the dosage to suit. Not difficult.

You keep the bottle away from children in the same way as you keep a bottle of bleach away from children. The bottle contains concentrated GSE. You wouldn't want a baby to get hold of it and start drinking it neat.

Sore reading for you:

Parents Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract

One of many testimonies for GSE use for baby with thrush

"Wow wow wow!!!! To say that I'm happy would be an understatement..I am over the frickin' moon!!

The thrush on my sons tongue has pretty much disappeared (just a tiny, almost clear patch in the centre left) I'm feeling much better + the original colour on my nips has returned..I had forgotten what they used to look like!

So after 15 weeks of struggling on with breastfeeding, 4 failed attempts of medicating both myself + my son + finally purchasing the GSE + dealing with the problem myself..we are (almost) thrush free! I cannot believe the less than a week as well. Amazing!

I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from awful thrush"

GSE is NOT quack medicine. It is a hugely potent beneficial product of Nature which I have personally used for years. I know it works and its effects are often fantastically quick.
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