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30-04-2021, 03:22 PM

Re: Britain Booms!

Originally Posted by swimfeeders ->

We are where we are.

Swings and Roundabouts, some good, some bad.

It was always going to be like this.

It is however what we choose, not what we are told.

That is very, very important to me.
I would like to see what people answered if they were asked: "is this what it always was to be like", when confronted with the (not fulfilled) promises, the red tape, the (temporary of course) drop of exports of 40-90%. Don't you think that - especially more young people - would have voted at all or differently, when they knew that FOM was off the menu? Or studying in the EU?
I am sure the votes would have been different if the people had known all that in advance.

However don't get me wrong, this is only my very personal opinion. I know way too little about the British people to make a reasonable assessment. As I said, just my humble opinion.
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30-04-2021, 03:43 PM

Re: Britain Booms!

After Solly crowed about Nestlé closing a factory in the UK and moving production to the EU, and Zaphod's response:

Originally Posted by Zaphod ->
That's because Nestle have made such decisions long before the EU even existed.
Didn't you realise that, Solly?
Not every business decision on planet Earth is related to Brexit old chum.
I have to jump in just to show that Solly, as usual, is talking out of his nether regions and trying his hardest to stir the pot.

As reported widely 2 days ago (this is The Sun's take on the story), Nestlé will close 1 factory near Newcastle-upon-Tyne (that makes fruit pastilles) at the end of 2023 and cut the number of staff at another factory in York (that makes Kit-Kats). At the same time, Nestlé will be INVESTING over £9million in a factory in Halifax to take on the fruit pastille production, and over £20million in York to make it more efficient. Nowhere have I heard that Nestlé is moving any production from the UK to the EU. to cap it all, even the BBC News has reported the same as I've stated here.
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