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28-03-2017, 02:45 PM

Wales most at risk from hard Brexit, says think tank

It's so sad that so many people in Wales were manipulated in to voting for something that is going to hurt them more than most

Wales stands to be the part of the UK worst-hit by a so-called hard Brexit, according to a think tank.

Demos said with more than 60% of exports from Wales going to the EU, it would be the most-affected of the nations and English regions by potential tariffs.

It is also threatened by the loss of EU aid, a report said.
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30-03-2017, 06:34 PM

Re: Wales most at risk from hard Brexit, says think tank

I have only this afternoon been reading various reports on what people think about their decision to vote out. It's amazing to read just how many people regretted their decision the very next morning after the referendum. Many people believing it was just that, a referendum with no legal binding. Some said they had no idea why they voted leave, some said they voted leave because others told them to. The figure quoted in one report of regrets was 1.5 million who said they had voted wrongly !

According to the NFU a large majority of farmers now also regret voting out.

Others saw the UK as it was when they were growing up and presumably thought such times could be brought back.

It's all well and good talking about weathering some tough years, many people can't afford to weather more tough years. Most of us senior citizens have our homes etc, we've done out time, so to speak. Now it appears that very many of us wish hard times on our children and grandchildren. The world has moved on, it isn't 1950, 60, 70 or 80 any longer, those times are long gone, they won't return. The world is a very different one to what most of us grew up in. I personally feel bad for what has now been inflicted on the younger generation.

I doubt it will be just Wales that suffers.
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