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10-09-2019, 08:27 PM

Re: Boris climbs down.

Originally Posted by shropshiregirl ->
I cannot stand that smarmy Sir Alan Duncan normally, but one thing he did say last night that made perfect sense, was that hopefully, the badly thought out ''Parliamentary fixed term'' should be abolished as soon as possible. Never a truer word spoken.

It is utterly unfair that in 2011 the fixed term came in for 5 years. When David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2015, The date of the next GE should have been 2020. but when the Tories voted Theresa May in, in 2017 after the resignation of Cameron, the 5 years commenced again from that year! This is simply wrong and should have run as orginally intended, to 2020, instead of now being 2022. It is far too long.

The sooner this crappy law is confined to the bin, the better.
I agree. Now that theresa may resigned the next general election moves to 2024. Doesn't it?
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