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12-09-2019, 05:18 PM

Re: Boris says No

Originally Posted by Patriot1967 ->
Maybe pick from the millions of people who live in the real world, and perhaps have a smidgen of common sense?

Because our current MPs are doing such a great job, stuck in their bubble. Not!!
I agree. Nigel has already said that the Brexit Party would stand in all constituencies, so I can only assume that he has enough followers to do that. To be honest, I cannot see any particular political skills being exhibited these days in the Commons. I think all you need to do is two things:

- Show the local constituents that you will honestly represent their wishes. In the case of many strong left-wing areas all that would require would be to promise to support Brexit, as the constituents know that Compo would never do that.

- Sit in the Commons and vote in favour of anything and everything that would help achieve Brexit. One right that every MP has is to vote as they feel and the worst that your leader can do is banish you to the back benches!

In the constituencies I'm thinking of, Boris wouldn't stand a chance anyway, so he doesn't really have to promise not to field a candidate there anyway.

As for the safe Conservative seats, Nigel could stand there but if Boris can bring himself to ally himself with the BP he wouldn't need to. This, however, is exactly where there is a chance that Nigel and Boris could split the leave vote. Boris must surely see this if little old I can!
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