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30-04-2021, 09:23 PM

Brexit shoots down pigeon racing

Representatives from the Royal Pigeon Racing Association want the UK Government to intervene after the French government began quarantining birds from the UK for three weeks before they can race.

Talks are ongoing between the governments and fanciers expect an answer about why their birds fall within the latest round of stipulations by next week.

Many, including Scott Robertson, believe it boils down to one thing...*Brexit.

He said: “Pigeons from Ireland are still permitted to fly from France, but birds from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland aren’t.
Under EU rules from 2012 that came into force for UK last week, UK birds must be detained for three weeks and a note from a vet secured before they can be released in France for trans- Channel races.

It has prompted some pigeon owners to claim the birds would be unfit to compete after being caged for such a period, plus the additional cash cost.

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