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11-05-2021, 09:39 PM

Foreign aid cuts after brexit: not clever!

On Monday, the EUís home affairs commissioner Ylva Johansson called on member states to show solidarity with Italy and support the relocation of more than 2,000 mostly african migrants that have reached the tiny island of lampedusa.

Libya, a former italian colony, is where most of them came from. Their preference for italy stems from their ability to speak italian. The same is observed in many refugees heading for the UK. Coming from former british colonies the are fluent in english.

It is well established that the best approach to stem economic migration, is foreign aid. Helping people to cope in their home environment, or in the same region, is the basis of EU policy on migration. The bloc struck such a deal with turkey in 2016 to stem migrant flows from the balkans.
Arrivals dropped significantly to about 95,000 last year, according to United Nations data, most to italy, spain and greece.

In 2019, italy agreed a voluntary scheme with other european states to redistribute migrants after they arrived. Not providing a stable solution a cross-EU pact to tackle the issue was proposed by the Commission last September. It has not been ratified as hungary and poland have refused to participate.

Italy has cut back on foreign aid to lybia, and now gets more immigrants from there. The italian government on tuesday denied a report by the La Repubblica newspaper that it wanted to ask the EU to pay lybia to stop migrant boats leaving its coast.

After brexit, the UK has cut back on its foreign aid. The result will be more people coming to britain to seek asylum there. If only brexit didn't cost so much, too much for the UK to help others, even if that would be in their own benefit too.

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