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06-02-2018, 09:32 AM

Re: The next round of negotiations.

I'll not take offence at the Rhino comparison as I agree it is a good metaphor, although animals never take unnecessary risks!

If we take it as a metaphor rather than a criticism of the animal's oft effective defence reflex I would suggest ( something for you to mull over now) that the likes of yourselves are in large effect responsible for the metaphorical blind charge to Brexit.

I agree each vote is valid but the original vote was not subjected to the sort of angry, undemocratic and nihilistic attitudes of Remainers.

Brexiteers made their choice and have faith that there choice willl ultimately prove fruitful. There is no truths available that can disprove their faitth......

That said , I agree we aren't prepared for Brexit and the lead up to Brexit is problematical in the extreme. That in itself is most definitely NOT an argument to abandon Brexit because to do so would be to abandon one of the most fundamental freedoms of our society.

It is THAT important we Leave, far more important than whether it is monetarily advantageous!

You ARE intelligent. ( if uneducated in some areas, lol) so I'm sure somewhere you understand what I'm getting at.
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06-02-2018, 01:52 PM

Re: The next round of negotiations.

When we voted to join the EEC I dont rember any juming up and down over the out come

we joined to do trade end of

Now of course it has mushroomed into this great big political thing

Where it all went wrong from the UK point of view is we never took it seriously the government of the day what ever colour should have grsped the nettle and told them what to do

Then we had MEP's again these should have represented the Govenment of the day not a set of toss pot we don't like you so where going to take the piss out of you but do nothing to help the UK government

So we now end up in the mess we are in
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11-02-2018, 12:45 PM

Re: The next round of negotiations.

Don't assume that we are in a mess and that we have no friends. Some countries are so aghast at Mesiuer Barnier pronouncements over the weekend and the way Europe are trying to railroad Britain into a deal she doesn't want and that would be thoroughly detrimental to us we may yet see a change of heart.
It's difficult when you're up against a stone wall but if you push hard enough or getting of help you can break through.
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17-02-2018, 12:54 PM

Re: The next round of negotiations.

Originally Posted by Moscow ->
Again......that does not explain your earlier assertion that we,as a nation, could not afford immigration controls and brexit in the near future.

I assert that you were wrong to make that claim. You could claim back some credibility by accepting that.

FWIW......I accept that Gov't borrowing is too high at present and is unsustainable but that isn't the issue here!!
I wonder how much could be saved by sidelining (good pun?) the amazingly expensive High Speed Train and spending the money on Border Security, etc.

Oh! And how about holding up the Rebuild of parliament until we are sorted with Brexit.

If there was any real financial management, up there, the money could easily be found.
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