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24-02-2018, 09:52 PM

Re: A complete Climb Down.

Originally Posted by Pacefast ->
It is pretty obvious that they will kick the problem Down the road until a time they are dealing with Corbyn

Keep dreaming. Jezbollah Corbyn, the terrorist supporting, Hamas/Hezbollah befriending, EU hating, say and do anything to get votes shyster, is NEVER going to walk into No 10. Just isn't going to happen.

Britain will never be Marxist/Communist.

The majority of decent Brits are never going to vote for man as duplicitous as Corbyn nor for his militant thuggish Momentum junkies.

It's patently obvious from Momentum's actions thus far that they would abolish democracy and change/bend all the rules to keep themselves in power.

It's staggering that Looney Labour supporters still haven't ousted old Jezbollah. He's singularly responsible for losing Labour the last election so spectacularly. It's laughable that duped Corbynistas still celebrate that embarrassing loss. An election where Labour achieved pretty much the same number of seats they did 7 years ago when they lost the 2010 election.

Originally Posted by Pacefast ->
With Labour now backing a CU and the left of the Conservatives under Soubry the same itís pretty obvious where this shambles is heading
Not really no.

It's historically irrefutable that old Jezbollah Corbyn hates the EU emphatically and has opposed it at every stage of its inception. His continuing wishy washy stance on BrExit is deplorable as the world knows he hates the EU. He just can't afford to p1ss off all the Remainers and so in true duplicitous style just stays schtum. This nonsense about wanting to keep in the Customs Union is puerile. Corbyn wants out of the EU period. Anything else is simply his usual despicable strategy of saying anything to appease the masses and garner votes. It should be seen for what it is.

Free Student Fees anyone????
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26-02-2018, 11:03 AM

Re: A complete Climb Down.

Good Post, Realist!
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