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20-08-2019, 06:51 AM

Ketogenic Diet

I had never heard of this one before - but a friend of mine has just been put on it by the pre-diabetic team. She is clinically/morbidly obese tipping the scales at 26stone and being only 5ft 2in in height.

This diet involves cutting down carbs but, as she is so obese, she has been advised to cut them out all together!

She is not currently allowed any carbs, dairy, fats or eggs, and is living on just meat, fish, fruit and veg. She has lost 1 stone in 3 weeks but, as a side effect, has developed "Keto Flu" which will apparently go in a week or so.

I really don't understand how forcing the body into a state of Ketosis can possibly be regarded as healthy. Some of the other side effects as:-

Bad breath - at the moment she could fell an ox from 100ft.

She was trying to persuade me to join her in this torture - I did put on a bit of weight while wrestling with 'thing' - but I prefer to give it a miss. Instead I have reduced my portion sizes, cut out snacks and am exercising again - lost half a stone in three weeks.

Opinions on the 'Keto Diet'? has anyone tried it?
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20-08-2019, 07:02 AM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

No but I have to ask the question who is making these decisions on her diet? Is it a doctor/ dietician? If not it sounds like she needs to be seeing very seriously qualified professional people with her condition. This poor lady is 165 kilograms. That is more than twice as heavy as me at 80kg.. 178 cm/ 5 foot 10 inches. She needs serious help. Sounds like it's not working
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20-08-2019, 07:06 AM

Re: Ketogenic Diet


There is only one diet that works, Eat Less Exercise More.

It really is very simple, you need to use more calories than you eat.

40 odd years ago, in my rugby days, I was in hospital in Leeds with a broken leg.

The fat lad next to me had to lose weight post surgery.

They put him on a diet of tripe and onions and jelly.

You lose weight on that diet.
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20-08-2019, 08:20 AM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

I don't believe in Diets, I have been on so many in the past and nothing has happened. Your friend should just cut down the amount of food she is eating and cut out Cakes, sweets etc. and do some exercise.
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20-08-2019, 08:21 AM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

I've heard of it.

I'm in a group for Polymyalgia Rheumatica sufferers and a man on there told us he cured himself of Polymyalgia using this diet.

He seems to be the only one as a few other members have given it a try but it's not helped.

Me - I just keep taking the tablets & eating healthy food.
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20-08-2019, 08:42 AM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

I think the Lighter Life diet works on getting people into what they call ketosis by limiting calorie intake to about 450 to 500 per's how Denise Welch on Loose Women lost her weight ...She looked great when she lost it but I noticed she seems to have gained a lot back.

That's the problem with fad diets when your done you go back to your old bad eating habits.
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20-08-2019, 10:59 AM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

Personally Tabby I wouldn't entertain any kind of restrictive diet, but then, I'm not 26 stone and if you exercise regularly you need to put back what the activity takes out or it's a spiral to oblivion......

However, having to carry so much weight around will put so much stress on the body, including the heart and vital organs, that I fear she will not see old age. The diet is punishing, but death is final, so in this case I would say the diet is the lesser of two evils and it wouldn't be for life if it works......I wish her well....
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20-08-2019, 11:51 AM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

I went to Lighter Life for a month and it almost brought me to my knees. I lost 2 stone in that month but it affected my overall health. Plus it was 70 a week. YES I did say a week. For that you got a weeks supply of your shakes and soups got weighed and had an hour in a learning about health and the diet in the class. Also you had to get your Doctor to sign a form to say you were fit for the diet and then you had a monthly health form your doctor had to check you and sign. She was not happy about all that and I didn't blame her, they are far too busy for Lighter Life's checking. These days I have kept it off.....mostly and if I feel I need a quick fix I do a few days on a water fast. But mostly I eat healthy and swim, walk, and work with himself when needed. It's not a diet to go for unless your fully aware of how it will affect you, meaning the hunger aches, mood swings, tiredness.
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20-08-2019, 12:13 PM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

After finding out I was at the top of the pre-diabetic risk scale the diabetic team at my GPs recommended the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. On that course (free) I learned so much about food and how that is processed by our bodies. It was not so much that I was eating junk food as I wasn't. It was good food but not knowing anything much about food, cooking or healthy eating plus necessary exercise, over time the weight had gone on and resulted in high blood sugar levels.

I can only think that Silver Tabby's friend had to go on a really drastic weight-reduction programme as one that gradually reduces weight would not be enough. The NHS pre-diabetic course recommends a safe weight loss as 0.5kg to 1.0kg a week. The word 'diet' also is not used as it's nothing temporary, which is what that seems to imply, it's more a complete lifestyle change so that is the term used.

The NHS pre-diabetic course I went on was nine months in duration. It was staffed by trained health personnel who advised on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle to lose weight and aim for getting off the risk scale for Type 2 diabetes. It worked for me as I lost 10kg which took me right down on that scale from 46 to 38, the top figure being 47 indicating diabetes. My high blood pressure and cholesterol levels were also reduced. Knee problems originally the result of a road traffic accident decades ago were also lessened. Weighing more than I should put additional strain on joints resulting in more problems than I should have had.

There is some useful information about weight loss on this link:

Personally I now believe many of us eat too much and exercise too little. Also knowledge is the key to eating more healthily, that certainly was the case with me, plus knowing that a daily half-hour walk is enough to keep moving and keep the weight off.
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20-08-2019, 01:17 PM

Re: Ketogenic Diet

Originally Posted by swimfeeders ->

There is only one diet that works, Eat Less Exercise More.

It really is very simple, you need to use more calories than you eat.
I disagree, its not simple

There are NO DIETS that work because by their very definition they are nothing but TEMPORARY eating regimes which will later on cease. When that happens the NORMAL eating regime resumes and the person puts weight back on and usually more beside.

The ONLY solution imho is to GET EDUCATED about foods, understand food labelling, understand how the food industry is waging war on people's health for profit and understand what it is really that they have been eating and drinking that has led to the current weight situation.

The only true way to reverse these conditions is to correct the MIND so it finally understands what has been going wrong and that done, the person will begin to eat the right foods, healthy foods, in the right way at the right times.
The person will then gradually adjust, the body won't have to fight the constant influx of toxins and unhealthy ingredients it was previously subjected to.

the weight will then gradually drop off. It takes years to put that kind of weight on, and it will take a similalry long time for the body to recover back to norm. There are no safe fast or effective solutions imho. You have to make the life decision to understand your body, understand food, understand the food industry and then live a completely different life from that point onward.

The notion of calories in vs calories out is simple but it's a misnomer.

The reason is that you as a human have absolutely no idea how many calories your body is burning.

Dieters doing calorie counting are only measuring ONE side of the equation, the number of calories in the food they are eating. What about the other side? How many calories is the body consuming, how many calories does that specific body need each day to be healthy and to do its job?

Dieters are clueless.

So they just grab some arbitary figure from the medical world that massively generalises humans and says something like "a man needs 2500 calories a day, a woman 2000" etc

Does that kind of generalisation really sound like a good basis for a calorie counting regime?

I'd say no.

Remember, when you go to sleep your body is burning calories all the time without you lifting a finger.

You burn calories through respiration, perspiration in short through simply existing, it's basically your life support systems.

Does anyone know how many calories YOUR body consumes during the night for those 7 ofdd hours when you are asleep?


Then how can you possibly count calories?

The whole concept is hugely flawed.

Everyone is different, everyone needs different amounts of calories and at different times of the day.

The person in the OP is in a bad way.

Clearly needs food education before anything else

Whacking the person on a specific diet won't achieve anything.

The person may lose an amount of weight, sure, but the moment the diet finishes, normal eating WILL resume and the weight will go back on.

That is a cycle that dietres go through time and time again and is why diets don't work. How many times do people repeatedly go to slimming clubs? They don't work. Their success statistics are catastrophically terrible. Why?
Because they aren't teaching people what they need to know about food and the food industry. Their business model totally relies on repeat business so it's not in their interest to give that education.

I feel for the victim here and all people in that situation and I believe they are victims, not people stuffing themselves with cream cakes. They are being duped by the food industry and advertising and are inadvertently eating very bad things whilst not understanding what those things do to both the brain and the body. That lack of understanding has to be corrected for any permanent change to occur. Simple as.
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