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east sussex
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20-09-2019, 08:52 AM

Re: Good Morning Friday

Morn kiddiwinks

lang the DVLA yesterday afternoon to see if they had my driving licence renewal form back, i sent it about 12 days ago. They said they had only just received it now contacting spec savers for the eye test. So still waiting to hear from SS to see when they have booked me in. I don't mind the letter size screen test it is the field test I don't like.

it is the waiting for the test and results to see if I retain my licence for another 3 years. Used to love driving right up until the eye surgeon stopped me. 15 months later I got my licence back but the confidence behind the wheel had gone.

So now Sue does most of the driving although I do still get behind the wheel, suppose I should do that more, i find I drive a lot slower now can't see the point of driving with the foot to the floor.

Looks as if no.2 son will be with us for some time a he hopefully is trying to live over here with his family. He has to renew his licence as well but at least he has been offered 3 jobs in the national/private health service as a psychologist. Pay not great to start with but looks as if he can work in a couple of hospitals to add to his income.
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Worcestershire, England
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20-09-2019, 09:12 AM

Re: Good Morning Friday

Good morning everyone brrr a chilly start which might finish off the runner beans.

I want to wash down the walls in the bathroom and am waiting for a call from someone who is coming to measure up a double glazed window in the sitting room. It is one I had repaired some years ago when it smashed and it is now full of moisture. Unfortunately, it is out of guarantee and expensive to replace but needs to be done.

Enjoy your day
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Somewhere rural 'out in the sticks', UK
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20-09-2019, 09:22 AM

Re: Good Morning Friday

Good morning from ‘out in the rural sticks’ to you all!

Another chilly start. Long, warm sunny periods for most of the afternoon though, according to the forecast. Maximum temperature 20ºC, just right for me!

I cut the back lawn yesterday, which wore me out, hence late post today. The front lawn is next but it’s still damp, possibly from grass frost so it’s not going to be possible until later!

Enjoy your day everybody, whatever you may be doing.
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South Yorkshire
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20-09-2019, 10:54 AM

Re: Good Morning Friday

Good Morning from Foxy's Gaff......
A very unexpected satisfying five mile run this morning... Felt good all the way round, and running down the deserted lane out in the country with a rising sun behind me was just pure magic.....Oh the peace!....

On a brilliant warm and sunny day the walk to Hull yesterday went ahead as planned. The vast expanse of the ebbing River Humber looked like an enormous sheet of glass with not a breath of wind to ruffle it's surface...
The city looked splendid in the sunshine bringing out the magnificence of the architecture, Floydy is very lucky living in such a beautiful city with lashings of history, one of my favourites!

Called in for a burger at MacDonalds and was surprised to be served at our table....Looks like they are going up market....

I need to take some forms in to the big surgery about four miles away (to tell them I won't be taking my flu jab this year) so I think I'll go on the bus and walk back along the canal.....Either that or sit in the sun with a good book....
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Sudbury, United Kingdom
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20-09-2019, 11:43 AM

Re: Good Morning Friday

Friday !!!

Off out with my lad tomorrow to get his things for Uni and then going to have a few chucks down at the beach hut to see if I can get a late bass. Then, off to the pub to see my mates band and Sunday most likely, reading the papers down at the hut and a few chucks with the new Zziplex fishing rod if I get the chance.

Day off Tuesday so I'm off with Mrs Bread shooting.

Happy Friday peeps !
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Essex, UK
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20-09-2019, 05:51 PM

Re: Good Morning Friday

CH all fixed and only charged us £25 for a Valve.

The Toaster is still on the brink though.
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