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13-12-2020, 05:25 PM

Christmas TV

Probably watch Talking Pictures most of the time.

It is irreverent humour that brings us together as a nation.

Sadly, I predicted all this 20 years ago when, with my writing partner Maurice, we foresaw the decline of terrestrial television in the keynote speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

We said people would pay for channels that featured great shows they actually wanted to watch. We said the BBC’s schedule would end up filled with cheap ‘people shows’ in place of scripted light entertainment and drama. It saddens me to say we were right.

There are many forces at play. The divide between big city and provincial viewers has become ever wider. I am not the first to say that the BBC appears to be in the grip of young, metropolitan types who favour a diet of politically correct and suitably diverse programming. We are a big country and it is certainly diverse. But today’s BBC seems to have no idea what a 60-year-old woman in Kettering or King’s Lynn wishes to watch. Or perhaps it hasn’t done its homework.
Spot on from a 60+ woman from King 's Lynn.
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13-12-2020, 06:01 PM

Re: Christmas TV

Originally Posted by Cinderella ->
Probably watch Talking Pictures most of the time.

Spot on from a 60+ woman from King 's Lynn.
It certainly is.
Terrestrial broadcasters of today are more concerned about being supposedly representative and politically correct than they are concerned with their source of income; the public.

It is most frequently only people of a certain age that now watch terrestrial TV because of the decline in the quality of not just the BBC's offerings but the other channels too.

My OH bought a Christmas TV mag the other day and TBH even she couldn't really say why.
We don't watch soaps or have anything that we watch on there, except maybe for news and a few odd bits about chateaux, Sarah Beeny, Phil Spencer or similar when we can be bothered to or are generally just so minded to watch that type of broadcasting.
Which isn't very often.

For years now I have streamed mostly movies to start with and then increasingly other content.
With the continuing rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more that is where as a household by far most of our viewing is done these days.
Most of it we can run through a full receiver setup into surround sound which is way more satisfying that the usual broadcast-quality stereo, just as the 4K picture quality is significantly better than the (if you're lucky) full HD broadcasts of the Beeb & ITV etc.

No wonder we've stopped watching so much of what terrestrial TV offers when, as your quote rightly suggests, the BBC and others also have absolutely no idea of what today's diverse society actually wants to watch.
It certainly isn't 20- or 30-year-old repeats of Dads Army or Porridge, no matter how funny they might be.

Even worse for them is the fact that the younger audience often never watch terrestrial TV at all, not only because of poor offerings but because their modern habit is to watch what you want to when you want to.
It's a rare thing nowadays for a family to sit down together to watch what is being broadcast, and the Beeb and others aren't doing much to tackle that particular dilemma.

So it is, sadly, only going to get worse for them.
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14-12-2020, 12:04 PM

Re: Christmas TV

Whatever did we spend our time on before television and computers?
Call me old fashioned (Robert you are old fashioned) but I try not to let TV take over my life, and I don't subscribe to any pay to watch providers. I must have seen about every film that was ever made up until about 2000, and a large proportion of the movies made these days are either gratuitous violence, animated, daft comedy films, or I don't understand them....

If there are any new films that deserve a watch, I enjoy a day out at the cinema with my bag of sweets. Covid's knocked that on the head now...
It's nice to sit down in the evenings though, with a glass of sherry a bag of plain crisps and watch 'Poirot' or a good documentary, but to be honest, if the mast at Emley Moor came crashing down in the night and all the channels went off air, I'd get out a pack of cards, a parlour game if we had company, or a jigsaw if we didn't, and thank whoever had demolished the antenna.....
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24-12-2020, 06:57 PM

Re: Christmas TV

Am watching A Wonderful Life .
I watch it every Christmas.
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25-12-2020, 10:00 PM

Re: Christmas TV

Originally Posted by Muddy ->
Am watching A Wonderful Life .
I watch it every Christmas.

Me too, Muddy!

Greatest Movie.

Maybe one or two of us have been on that bridge!

Then singing and dancing in the rain,

Then Morecombe & Wise.

Then Tommy Cooper story.

Great afternoon!

Odd how they always seem to have to go a lot of years back to get the really good stuff.

Maybe it's my age!
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26-12-2020, 02:43 PM

Re: Christmas TV

I am sick to death of the old 'Carry On' films.
The other night on BBC2 they had 8 of them on, one after the other in successoin!!
Is it just me that thinks that is way over the top?

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