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19-05-2021, 03:05 PM

Re: An interesting take on Climate Change


A personal view, I know others will disagree.

There are things we cannot influence, Humans do not control the basic laws of Physics.

We will have other Ice Ages, we will have Global Warming.

That is how the Universe works.

At the present time Europe is a good place to live.

It will not be soon in geological terms.

It will be uninhabitable and covered in ice.

The human race began in Africa, in what is now a desert with little rainfall.

The first humans were Black, not white.

In geological terms, white Anglo Saxons are a blip.

So is our current climate.

We cannot alter change, we can delay it, we can influence it, but that is all.

In terms of human history, we are the odd ones out.

We will soon be the migrants fleeing to the Equator.
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