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Today, 04:46 AM

Re: Post your daily exercise routine

Floydy, that's some walking speed! I would have been jogging at somewhere in the neighborhood of .68 kmh or .42 mph - short legs of mine and all . I am guilty of setting a speed and incline on the dreadmill and locking them in like they are missile coordinates. Really good job maintaining your aerobic work for 20 mins. which seems to be the threshold for heart benefits. Can you tell any difference yet in your strength, endurance, weight, or measurements yet? If not, you will!

OGF, I am with you. The running is definitely not getting easier and when I think about my pace times five to ten years ago, it's a little mystifying. Unlike you who bravely checked your watch along today's outing, I chickened out and left mine on the counter. Not very brave, I know, but I just wanted the satisfaction of finishing the blasted thing, without having to beat badly. Floydy is right; I was about as rusty as a 1940s coupe.

When I am out doing five, like I did today, huffing, puffing, and pouring with perspiration, I sometimes think about you doing eight at a time, which never ceases to amaze me. When you feel ready to throw bricks at the universe like you seemingly wanted to do today, you might think about looking at some of the current finish times for some of your peer groups. I would put a (never cannabis ) treat on it that you are out-pacing many of your peers' winning times. Although you are ultimately racing against you - you aren't racing against 50 or even 60 year old you anymore.

To Tachyon and LQ, I am reading your posts with interest. I have to say Tachyon, that I am among you who think that the current BMI calculators are ineffective for people who exercise. Grabbing a little something here...a little less there...or trying on my favorite jeans gives me a much better picture . There are times when I have weighed more than I do now, and had less body fat.

Oh, and don't even try to talk to me about getting caliper measurements from darling, fit twenty-something while watching what happens when calipers meet aging skin . It's not good.

Perhaps the answer is to toss out everything that measures anything ...

But I am just too competitive - with myself.
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