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12-02-2019, 07:00 PM

Re: post Brexit election

Originally Posted by marmaduke ->
Iíd happily sit back and watch the Corbin and Abbott loony tunes show on remainers victory

Call it payback time
Assuming that Mayday does let us all down, I too will not bother to vote unless, of course, the proposed Brexit Party stands in my constituency.

In all conscience, I could never vote for Compo and the Loonies, but equally I could not vote for a party that has totally ignored the wishes of the majority of voters.

Like you, I'd just wash my hands of the whole thing and, if Compo should succeed, I really couldn't give a toss. I hope that the remoaners (voters and MPs) would suffer the consequences.
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12-02-2019, 07:20 PM

Re: post Brexit election

As Iíve mentioned many times over past year or more this was sold as a done deal , the government said , indeed voted unanimously for the referendum and said it was a once and once only referendum and the result will be acted upon , the EU itself said exactly the same thing ( obviously both at this time having had it forced upon them by UKIP thought we would vote remain and they could kill any thoughts on leaving forever )

But we are over two years past that , two years that should as far as any sensible fair minded person would think we would be planning and moving on ... that industries right across Europe would feel our departure and we would be doing common sense deals for everyoneís good ... we are still in Europe , we will always trade with Europe but we are leaving the political scene .
But as we have found , the EU just like naziís In 39 shoot escapees as they are unaccountable self elected piers for life and care not a jot about countries or economics or anything other than their own power grab , remainers here for selfish reasons only known to themselves still wish to ignore democracy at home and daily help the EU and weaken the governments hand ( a little like saying if we keep shooting enough holes in this lifeboat eventually we will make everyone get back on the sinking ship we just left !)
But thatís all water under the bridge and we are at where weíre at .. up the creek without a paddle thanks to a parliament ignoring the very vote they voted for ... and daily trying somehow to cancel brexit but find they as yet still havenít done it and the great unwashed need more doses of project fear so I imagine next will be a delay of March 29th for a short time ... then it will be put back two years because of the bloody Irish ( great excuse ) but in reality there will be elections looming and brexit is no longer the issue .. democracy is the issue now and whilst remoaners day in and day out claim they know better than everyone else it may sound good in their heads and I imagine a fair few actually believe they are better than everyone else but sooner or later the great unwashed will have their say again .... game of thrones season two is yet to be played out but one thing is a dead cert .... MANY BIG NAMES LIKE NED STARK wonít make it to season three !

Letís remind ourselves

David Cameron speaking for parliament
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