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12-06-2021, 04:49 AM

Panic Attacks !

Does anyone else suffer from this?
What are your symptoms and how do you manage them?
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12-06-2021, 06:04 AM

Re: Panic Attacks !

Had some in the past after being in an inducted coma for a few days. So had a starting point and thinking that was useful as could then relate to at least some fears that were causing them.Had a lot of nightmares as well and did go on for a few years until I started meditation for one thing. It was for me a turning point. I love music so spent more time with that and had to be really strong so every time I got in panic mode would literally talk myself into another place.
So to me it was all about fear of....face the fears but not let it rule you. Hope that makes some sense to you.
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12-06-2021, 10:23 AM

Re: Panic Attacks !

I have suffered panic attacks all my adult life but thankfully now they are under control and I don't get as many.

I control them by deep breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth. I read a book many years ago called Self Help For Your Nerves by Doctor Claire Weekes, it is an old book now but I remember reading it and thinking, oh my god, this woman has written this book about me, she was describing my symptoms to a tee.
It was then I came to realise that I wasn't dying after all, it was my body tricking me into thinking I was.

I suffered bad with them in my younger years and there was never any particular trigger, they just came out of the blue. I also suffered them bad after my Mum and Sister died, it seems my body was reacting to the grief in this way.

I don't know if you are suffering them Bratti but if you are, I am very sorry, they are truly horrible and can ruin ones life. There is help out there as well as self help. Meditation like Dianne mentioned and also yoga.
I will also say, talking therapy can help, you would be surprised how many people are out there suffering in silence, there isn't the stigma around panic and anxiety attack that there once was.

One time I was in a supermarket and i had a trolley full of shopping, I was with my niece and it came over me, I just dumped my shopping and ran for my life out of that supermarket.

Another time I got out of my car and I was walking towards a shop and all of a sudden I was walking through very thick treacle and it felt like giant sponges under my feet, that was very frightening, thankfully the feeling didnt last long.

I have pulled over whilst out driving before today, practiced my deep breathing and got it under control again.

If you are suffering them Bratti it is important to know you are not alone, it is more common than one would think.

If you need to chat, I'm only an inbox away, I'm a good listener and only too happy to help if I can.
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12-06-2021, 11:01 AM

Re: Panic Attacks !

I have in the past and I have found a visualisation technique useful which is to turn the feelings into a picture, then make it into a tv set. Turn the picture to black and white, make it smaller, make it into a dot, disappear etc.

It depends on how visual you are as to whether that sort of thing works for you. But the prescribed popular method is :

Look around at 5 things you can see
think of 4 things you can feel, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing you can taste

The funny thing I noticed with my technique is how very attached I was to the anxiety. I didn't want to let it go so easily and felt cheated!
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12-06-2021, 02:00 PM

Re: Panic Attacks !

I sometimes get Anxiety, it's usually over trivial things though, not major stuff as that gets sorted. I don't get it so much these days, but my friend helps me, just by being very calm and just generally just being a beautiful person.
I like a lot of peace and tranquility around me.

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