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17-11-2020, 01:17 AM

Re: Car Insurance Increase.

My car insurance is a 1000.00 dollars for one year here in Tennessee which is high I think because I'm 60 years old. Never had any speeding tickets and no accidents.
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19-11-2020, 01:56 PM

Re: Car Insurance Increase.

Originally Posted by MKJ ->
Funny thing but I couldn't think what the date was so I put in the first of the following month on a comparison website with regard to renewing my insurance. It worked out to be nearly 150 cheaper! Double and triple checked - nope not wrong at all. When I checked the actual date it was only 3 days before the first of the month. I eventually took the insurance out with Tescos and on their website the same results. Obviously I waited a few days and saved myself a lot of money. Not sure what the moral of this is but another guy said he takes out loads of quotes and saves them all as the cost fluctuates daily, eventually picking the cheapest. Not exactly on topic but could help people save a few bob.
For the first time ever my renewal was 30 cheaper than the quote from the same company on Compere the Meerkat website.
It had increased though. According to a friend working in the investment industry, it is due to the trading value of the pound where the insurance companies invest their capital.
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