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08-04-2020, 02:13 PM

Here with two recipes to try.

Good Morning fellow posters. Well, yesterday, being bored silly and feeling guilty just sitting in the garden doing absolutely nothing, HWMO and I were humming and haaing over what to have for dinner. Seeing as I am quite honestly, sick and tired at the moment of our lives revolving mainly around food and what to have for lunch and dinner!! I was feeling quite ĎíI canít be bothered to even think about itíí This lockdown is so restraining, what else is there to do??!! So I decided to dig out one of my old family cook books that I first bought 37 years ago, and found 2 recipes that I wonder if anyone else on here has heard of. Here they are below: Apologies that there is no photograph available for the first one..

No. 1 - Prairie Pie
No. 2 - Canadian Prairie Flapper Pie.

The first one - Prairie Pie - I made yesterday, I actually had a small tin of Luncheon Meat in the cupboard that I bought a zillion years ago for goodness knows what reason at the time but was still a year off the sell-by date, so was happy to use it as donít suppose I would ever have found a use for it. Of course, you can use any meat you wish, Spam, Ham, Bacon, etc, but the recipe stated Luncheon Meat so Luncheon Meat it was.
It actually turned out really tasty, so simple to make, and with cupboard ingredients, no bother at all..
I know it is a nuisance not having a photo to see what it should turn out like but the book is 37 years old!. Even the photos in the book are black and white and grainy.

The second one - Flapper Pie - I am going to attempt to make today. I will not be touching it myself because I personally find meringue too sweet for my tastebuds, but HWMO thought it looked great so no doubt he will have no problem polishing it off quickly. He has a sweet tooth does my significant half. I actually only chanced upon this pudding while trying to find a photograph of Recipe 1 - Prairie Pie - which I had no luck, again, apologies for that.

Hereís the interesting bit though. If this pie was an animal, it would be extinct!!
Apparently, Flapper Pie was last heard of when our Grandmotherís Grandmother used to make it when they lived in the Prairies, (Manitoba area) and then it just seemed to die a slow death, never to be seen or heard of again, - until a small cafe in Canada happen to come upon the recipe and put it on the menu, where it has been a huge resounding success with the customers. So I donít suppose it will be too long before Flapper Pie will once again be on our screens and in cookery books. Iím reading all this from the article I found. Perhaps it has been remodelled with a new name. Does anyone know?

So here with the two recipes which will pass to you on 2 separate posts if that is okay.

Enjoy if you try them. We certainly did with the first one. xx

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