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21-12-2020, 06:36 PM

Killing Field

For cat owners everywhere ......

A study in velvet, crouching low,
Grim Reaper to the sleeping shrew,
And even if they only knew
Quite what to do and where to go
To just avoid the glancing blow,
It will avail them naught to do –
For where the bloodlust’s savage flow
She knows of nothing else to do.

Flame muscle ripples, catching light,
A throaty growl, a shredded gore;
A tiptoed prancing with delight –
Another fair and even fight!
To mangle further through the night.
A gentle feline’s bestial lore
That ends a terror-stricken flight
With careless swipe of silken paw.

A sensuous languor, blinking eye,
Succumbing to caressing hand,
Long neck upstretched with which to ply
Its tactile joy for both to try.
A human self-indulgent sigh
That such devotion on command
So easy bought – so tell me why
A corpse lies bleeding on the land?
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24-06-2021, 10:46 PM

Re: Killing Field

I took the hint and went to dig up some of your "rubbish", eccles. I found this particularly impressive piece of rubbish.

Now I'm off to do a bit more rummaging in you bin.

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