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07-03-2021, 08:13 PM

Re: on my bucket list

Bucket list?
I don't know. I travelled a lot with business - around 30 different countries, quite a few of them several times. And some of them in interesting places.

What would I go back to?
The Cappadocia in Kayseri, Taroko Gorge in Taiwan, Sahara Desert, Bangkok, Mondi Valley, Loch Lomond................
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09-03-2021, 04:40 AM

Re: on my bucket list

Realspeed: I WANT TO GO ON VACATION TOO. I hope your canal trip works out.

I wanted to ad that I am really hoping to go to Egypt after the Grand Egyptian Museum is opened. I've been reading about it and it promises to be exceptional.

Jazzi, the Canadian Rockies are gorgeous, and pairing it with a cruise would be pure enjoyment. The one suggestion I have is that you do the Inside Passage going northward as the scenery gets more beautiful as you go, and get a cabin on the starboard sided.

Bruce, that is no small adventure you are taking with your daughter! I can see how a little rain can cause a whole lot of problems. That was quite an accident that cooked your road. That doesn't look like that one will buff out very easily.
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21-05-2021, 03:39 PM

Re: on my bucket list

Originally Posted by realspeed ->
Having been to quite a few countries there is on I would dearly love to visit and that is Australia.
OK for the "sights" yes but mainly to see my cousin who I have not seen for more years,who lives in Sydney, than I care to remember but also some internet "friends" in Brisbane. The problem at the moment is covid and the restrictions on visiting.
the already booked Grand European river tour is a left over from last and looks as if it will be called off again this year.

Does ayone else have a "bucket list" they would like to fill?
Did a long road trip in Australia a few years ago. Canberra to Ayer's Rock and Alice Springs followed by Cairns to Sydney. If you want any tips just let me know.
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