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08-05-2021, 12:44 PM

UK offer is turned down by EU

The UK wanted the EU to take a “risk assessment-based” approach to animal safety that would have taken into account that the UK currently has very similar rules to the EU.
But the Commission believes this would undermine EU food safety rules and the bloc’s “zero risk” approach.

Instead, the EU says the UK would have to formally align with EU food rules if it wants reduce border checks and controls.
The UK government has ruled this out and says it must have the freedom to diverge from EU rules.

The present border has caused significant disruption to trade and shortages of some goods, but the situation is set to even worsen later this year when grace periods exempting supermarket suppliers expire.
The UK has unilaterally extended the deadline for the even stricter controls – a move the EU says is unlawful.

All this seems to indicate that the english government doesn't seem to realise what it means for the UK to be a 3rd country following the hard brexit the english government has implemented. Previous 30yr 'troubles ' were going nowhere until the violence moved to england and suddenly there were peace talks , a re- established Stormont with lead protagonists installed as public servants with a final salary. (if you can't beat 'em buy 'em)
That generation is gone so is it time to roll the dice again?

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