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north west, england
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29-05-2021, 07:00 PM

Re: Holiday Plans.

all self catering, just done week north lakes, next month a week in Derbyshire (June) then a week in Norfolk (July) not found anything yet for August, but not too bothered as school hols, but September a week on Anglesey, will find something for October, maybe revisiting a previous cottage, not doing any Europe or hotel hols at the moment, maybe back to normal next year
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29-05-2021, 07:01 PM

Re: Holiday Plans.

That sounds lovely, Macy...its nice having breaks spaced out like that
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29-05-2021, 09:31 PM

Re: Holiday Plans.

Well I’m excited as today I’ve made arrangements to go back to London/Essex, to see family, friends and old neighbours. I will spent 5 nights in a guest house a mile or so from my brother, and almost opposite where mum used to live. I am also about 5minutes from the cemetery where my parents are.

Oh, going at the end of June.

Holly will be trying out a new (licensed and insured) carer, who doesn’t do it for the money (very cheap prices) but because he and his wife love animals. She will spend a few hours there next Friday, and I have forms to fill in. We have booked two odd overnight stays, and hopefully she and they will be happy with each other by the time of my trip.

Spent a lot of time today phoning brother, sister, ex neighbour and three friends, and the accommodation and dog carer, to get things organised. My throat was drying out by the end of it.
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30-05-2021, 07:01 AM

Re: Holiday Plans.

We've had to scrap our plans for taking my grandsons to the islands of Åland due to Covid restrictions that are still in force. So instead they'll spend the week here with us and we'll be doing day trips locally. They're both bathing mad and we have several beaches on the lake nearby where you can swim so if the weather is good we'll be spending a lot of time in or beside the water. We also have bad weather contingency plans for indoor activities
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