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17-07-2021, 11:37 AM

Re: Palpitations.

Originally Posted by Twink55 ->
Meg, Palpitations are worrying for all of us, but on people with conditions like yours they must be very frightening.
You are always baking for your grandchildren and keeping your house & garden clean & tidy but I would be delighted to hear that you are resting a bit more or doing something that makes you smile.
Try writing to the hospital to question when they are likely to take you in, because there is little point prescribing a drug to make you better, if they wont let you go into the hospital to make sure you have no serious problems taking it.
Another way is to get your son or DIL to call an ambulance when you are feeling so bad, take the drug from the shelf with you & explain that it could solve the problems if they could keep you in and monitor your reactions to it!
Your life is just as important as any Covid patient
Hi Twink most things I do make make me smile I realise how precious time has become so do the things that bring me pleasure (like going on a boat last week with my grandchildren with dolphins swimming all around us )

I am aware of all the all the possibilities and options...
I have a letter from an Electrophysiologist to take to A&E when I have an episode to have chemical cardioversion with the drug in question but I have no wish to spend hours on a trolley in A&E and risk catching Covid just to be given a drug that may make my condition worse in time.

I could call an Ambulance or ask be taken to A&E by family but have no wish to do so for the above reasons.

I planned to take the meds at home with family help but consider it too risky with a new variant of C19 prevalent in case I need to go to my dreadful local hospital . I have asthma too and that adds to the risk.
I am unlucky in that my PAF is both highly symptomatic (some people have no symptoms at all ) and the episodes frequent but I cope because I don't like the alternatives and prefer to sit it out at home

I am touchy about the use of the word 'palpitations', many GPs who lack understanding use it to dismiss what could be serious symptoms.
An inexperienced GP told me I had 'palpitations' nothing serious and my getting treatment was delayed for 6 months during which time I needed an anticoagulant because my high 'score' on the diagnostic CHADS scale means I am risk and could have had a stroke.

I was given a halter monitor for 24 hours by the GP which is no use at all if you have intermittent symptoms so nothing registered.
My own research and a support group lead me understand my condition get a diagnosis and the treatment options.

There are new treatments at the testing stage, I am keeping my eye on those

Thank you for your suggestions and concern...x
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17-07-2021, 12:43 PM

Re: Palpitations.

I was diagnosed with AF and when first diagnosed I was relieved as a lot of time my palpitations were fobbed off as anxiety for many years but as time went by I knew something was wrong and when I had attacks o was taken to hospital for ECG and the blooming heart never showed a problem as it didn't pick it up. It was only after wearing a monitor it finally picked up what was wrong.

Aa yet im lucky I dont have to take thinners but my doc told me in time I will as people with AF are at risk if stroke and heart attack.

When my AF IS playing up it frightens me, its getting worse and more frequent as im getting older.

I try not to think about it but when they come you can't help but know whats happening.

Its surprising the amount of people with ticker problems but no one speaks about it .
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