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13-03-2019, 11:35 PM

Re: Over 60s Activities?

The river cruise would be great going from Westminster going out of London.
Visiting usual buildings
Picnic in the summer
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14-03-2019, 08:55 AM

Re: Over 60s Activities?

are we deep in the archives? Let me out!

But before I go ....

Photography is a good over 60s activity, especially if you live in town with a free bus pass.

I'm off to discover church interiors. woooosh ...
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14-03-2019, 11:04 AM

Re: Over 60s Activities?

Originally Posted by Uncle Joe ->
In which case - Hampton Court Palace is a MUST - gallery after gallery of paintings and Tapestries.
I suppose I am the only one here that has actually been on the roof of Hampton Court Palace as well as other places not open to the public

How come?

Back then every year they held a big flower show and BT telephone service was required for different areas. The junction boxes were on the roof for some of the service hence having to go up there to do work on.
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14-03-2019, 12:11 PM

Re: Over 60s Activities?

I would love to do a computer literacy class.TThey don't have any around here. I honestly can't remember the last time I had to either call in one of the grandchildren or google "The Dummies guide to......."
I must admit I always felt a sense of achievement when I managed to fix the problem. But it would be great to know what to do with computer faults. Some on OFF seem to be very knowledgeable and clever with computers.

I am also constantly amazed at how young children know just about everything there is to do with computers whilst I, a former military- trained in high-tech communications and at the front of the game at the time, (no, not letting pigeons with messages go!! ) have in my old age turned into a "silver surfer" unable to grasp half of what it takes to be computer literate.

Yes, it would be very nice to finally learn all the workings of these blessed computers.
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