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30-12-2017, 03:02 PM

Re: The Marguerite treatment.

I have type 2 diabetes, but I don't need any medication, just diet controlled. Which over the Christmas period hasn't been brilliant. I have a 6 monthly check up.
But the one thing that has been caused by it it nerve damage to my feet. I've had what my GP said was peripheral neuropathy for ages, but when last year I woke one morning to find that nothing felt solid under my feet I went to see a GP,
who just said I had a good pulse in my foot and I could tell with eyes shut when she put my big toe up and down. So I came home, thought don't ask again. At least there's no pain with it. It wasn't until I saW a consultant about another condition I have, and I mentioned it to him that he arranged for me to see another consultant, who when I saw him said It seemed I had nerve damage in both feet. He got me to stand with my feet together shut my eyes, and I almost toppled over.
It's odd but standing still I find very difficult, but walking is fine, I've just done a 6 mile walk, with the help of two
walking poles.
I have some good exercises given me by my physio therapist, and a seat to sit on when In have a shower, and something to hold on to as well.
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01-01-2018, 12:07 PM

Re: The Marguerite treatment.

Yo have much the same symptoms as me Jane my PN is mainly in the legs but also slowly crippling my hands. Balance is a big issue now hence i use the rollator to get around.
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