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08-10-2017, 06:27 PM

Roof gutter clearing in detail

Ok i have done this a long time ago but thought I would go into a little more detail on how I do it.

Ok first of all what you need

A small camera that takes videos, in my case I use a Nikon Coolpix L26 which can be got very cheaply now.
You will need a memory card -AA batteries- insulating tape -a small goriila flexable tripod -and carbon fibre poles. I have them from my Skyvac kit


What i do is attach the mini tripod to the camera (yes I know insert memory card and batteries first) then tape it to the pole with 2 of the tripod legs inside to hollow pole and one leg outside, so this is how it looks

Next I insert more poles, in this case 2 more, to extend the camera up to gutter height as seen below.
(I know I know, switch on camera to video mode, i ain't that daft)

So now ready to video the roof gutter.

This is a video just shot to show how things look from the camera. Really weird seeing things like this to start with when raising it all up


Why go to all this trouble?
Answer cost effective

My place they want to charge 80 each time and I have already covered the cost of the Skyvac I bought. Not only that, if not streetwise the next thing is" do you want to remove the moss off the roof" Quoting 400 and then it would be tile replacement etc etc.
This way i can do it wheo the job.

Hope this is of some interest.

I should have said roof gutter checking before clearing

No it can wait a bit longer before clearing it out
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