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29-03-2019, 02:06 PM

Re: Home Insurance

Originally Posted by Julie1962 ->
Council provides ours I think it's written on gold leaf paper the amount they charge us each year. 24.25 each two weeks.
Eh? Are you saying your insurance costs you 630 per year? I must have misunderstood surely?
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14-04-2019, 04:17 AM

Re: Home Insurance

I detest insurance companies, they are the biggest rogues out there I find.
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13-06-2019, 11:03 AM

Re: Home Insurance

Another thing that annoys me is that when we took out our contents insurance 48 years ago, it was with an insurance company called Commercial Union. We chose the very best of the options - Golden Key - which was excellent and covered us for every mishap and included everything one would wish on a home contents policy.

But, within only a couple of years, Commercial Union was taken over by a company called Sun Alliance, and upon renewal, they seemed keen to include a leaflet informing us of previously covered things under the "golden key" policy, would not be included.

Since then, there have been several takeovers by various insurance companies and we are at present with Aviva.

Over the years I have gotten tired of being notified first that our insurance company has been taken over by yet another insurance company, and when it comes to renewal time, there is always that flippin note to inform us that something else that we originally had in the golden key policy, now no longer includes (we may as well have taken out a cheap as chips contents policy to begin with because it has ended up with us having to pay extra for the original things that we had already paid for in our original contents insurance.

We have only ever made one claim - that was when a coal fell out of the fire, jumped the fire grate and landed on our brand new fitted carpet in front of the fire. The insurance company sent someone to check out the carpet, We informed them what we had paid for the carpet from a local shop, At the time it cost 600 - but instead of replacing it through them, they informed us they used their own supplier and the carpet was replaced at a cost to the insurance company of 1100 !!

Is it any wonder we all pay extra premiums?
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