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11-03-2017, 07:36 PM

British ex-pats

They make up a fair number. I wonder how they will fair?

They appear to have some legitimate concerns over aspects of Brexit. Though rather different to concerns over new trade agreements or austerity measures needed to plug exorbitant EU severance pay (for want of a better description).

There is, and it's to be expected, the reciprocal arrangement over EU citizens status in Britain along with British ex-pats right to stay wherever they are in Europe to be sorted out. One assumes this will be sorted sensibly and they will all be allowed to stay in their chosen new home after the messy divorce.

But it is their chosen new home and I see one of, if not their major concern, is that they will be forced to return to the UK if they are no longer entitled to enjoy the benefit of foreign healthcare , free healthcare, paid for by the British government.

Should our NHS (and healthcare funding) be reserved for people who actually live in this country? Who help our own economy by living here? And not people who have left? After the divorce could it be considered not dissimilar to a form of health tourism?

Doubtless this is another headache which needs resolving but it comes as no surprise that most ex-pats voted to Remain when faced with the thought of medical bills... though it can suggest they based their vote not on what they believed was best for the UK, where they now no longer live ... but rather more upon how they themselves would be directly affected.

Ex-pats do rather seem to be neither one thing nor the other ... as already evidenced in the past over the UK governments Winter Fuel Allowance which caused controversy over their entitlement.
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