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30-09-2018, 01:38 PM

Re: Scam Warning for your grandkids!

Yes Twink she reported it to the fraud squad, not very helpful by the sound of it.
Jazzi, when the lady I know got scammed they convinced her that it could be a family member that had done the dirty deed and said not to trust anyone or tell them it was being investigated. She actually lived in a annex of her son's house and didn't tell him as his girlfriend also lived there, I don't think they got on.
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30-09-2018, 05:17 PM

Re: Scam Warning for your grandkids!

Originally Posted by Twink55 ->
Criminals are getting very clever so, if anybody gets calls like this over the phone, they should offer to call them back and ask what extension they are on.... but get a phone number from a reliable source,not the person calling. It also helps if you can borrow a friend's phone to call it now seems that they are able to keep the line open, so you actually call the scammers back!
We all need to be extra careful, but younger people use their phones so much, that it seems perfectly normal, to them, if a bank or police phone them.
Yes, of course.

They keep the line open and, when you pick up your phone again to call there is a dialling tone - provided by them. When you call the number they provided, you are actually still connected to them, following a convincing ring tone again provided by them. All very clever!
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