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11-03-2019, 10:55 AM

Englishman goes to Australia

An English man goes out to live in the Australian outback. After about 3 weeks his phone rings so he picks it up, and the conversation went something like this

Aussie " Hi, just heard you moved in, so welcome I am Digger your next door neighbour 2 miles away. We must meet up and have a barbi"

Englishman " well hello to you too I, yes I would love to meet up as well, my name is Dave"

Digger" well we just happen to have an outdoor barbi party this weekend, come along and join in"

Dave " thanks I will, do Ii have to dress up"

Digger "no we don't do that in the outback,
just come as your are"

Dave "what about me bringing food?"

Digger "No we have plenty here"

Dave " will there be many there for me to meet?"

Digger " No just you and me ,then we can get really together"

Now who on here lives in Australia I wonder as the names have been changed to protect the innocent
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